11 incredible habits of Buddhist Monks (#7 is brilliant)

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It can be hard to find meaning and purpose sometimes. We spend so much time working and being busy that we forget to stop and look inside ourselves to see what we really desire in life.

Fortunately, sages and mystics over the years have encountered the same problem, resulting in valuable wisdom we all can benefit from.

Zen Buddhism has contributed a huge deal to human thought on how we can live more peaceful and happy lives.

And today, we’re going to go through 11 of their most important pieces of wisdom that can help us all live better lives. These are the habits of Buddhist monks.

1) Focus on one thing

This is a simple but key point that symbolizes an important aspect of Zen philosophy.

Focus on one thing is what it sounds like: focus on the task at hand without getting distracted. Whatever is in your presence at that moment, dedicate your attention to it fully.

It’s been scientifically demonstrated that the brain simply cannot cope effectively with multi-tasking. It might feel like you’re getting more done, but in reality, you’re probably not and the quality of work is undoubtedly slipping.

If you can commit to one doing one thing a time, you’ll be more engaged in each and every moment and more able to live a peaceful and happy life.

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