Buddha’s 7 Factors of Enlightenment (and the Ultimate Key to Getting There)

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Have you heard of the Tripitak? It’s a famous Buddhist texture detailing the 7 factors of enlightenment. They are:

  • Dhamma’s keen investigation or dhammavicaya
  • Mindfulness or sati
  • Rapture or piti
  • Energy or viriya
  • Equanimity or upekkha
  • Calm or passaddhi
  • Concentration or samadhi

Buddhism is all about the end of suffering and achieving enlightenment. It says that a person who is focused on the attainment of enlightenment must be aware of the impediments that holds her/him back from achieving enlightenment.

Buddhism says that life is suffering, which is caused by avijja or ignorance. The Buddha says that “It is ignorance that smothers, and it is carelessness that makes it invisible. The hunger of craving pollutes the world, and the pain of suffering causes the greatest fear.”

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